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The Rest of Sinnoh Unleashed!

Check out the new Pokemon GO update!

Last night, the rest of the non-Legendary Generation 4 Pokémon got released into Pokémon GO, including Cherrim, Gible, and Hippopotas. However, with this came the evolutions that are exclusive to when you evolve near one of three new Lure Modules: the Glacial Lure Model, the Mossy Lure Model, and the Magnetic Lure Model. When near these modules it allows for Pokémon such as Nosepass, Eevee, and Magneton to evolve into Probopass, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Magnezone.

However, it has been discovered that there is a way to get Leafeon and Glaceon without it. With the prior evolutions, there was a naming trick where a nickname will force the Eevee to evolve into a certain evolution. This time, you can get Leafeon if you nickname your Eevee Linnea and Glaceon if you nickname your Eevee Rea. This is tied in with the Eevium Z quest of Pokémon Sun & Moon as they are the names of the trainers you face with those Pokémon. This only works once, however, so pick your Eevee carefully.

In addition to this, overnight Shellos became a Regional Exclusive Pokémonbased on locational longitude. Everything west of 0.0000° longitude is West Sea Shellos and everything east of 0.0000° longitude is East Sea Shellos. This means that if you live east of the Prime Meridian, such as in Europe, Africa, and Asia, you will be able to catch East Sea Shellos. West of the Prime Meridian, such as in the Americas, you’ll be able to catch West Sea Shellos.

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