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Crossroads Comics #124-Pokémon Haunt

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at Pokémon Haunt by Mysticblat. Pokémon Haunt is a story that follows Carbon the Gastly. After startling a restless soul in a graveyard during the night of the local Ninja Festival, Carbon quickly finds that he’s accidentally trapped said soul in the shell of a Shedninja. Now given a second chance at life but with no memory of the past, Fuyu has to learn to adapt to life as a soul-born ghost Pokémon, both its ups and downs.

This comic is absolutely adorable. No way around it. Even on the pages that are old art, there’s just something super charming about the comic overall that makes me smile while looking at it. It’s very cute and just very nice to look at. On top of that, from what we’ve seen thus far, it seems to have a very interesting story. The first few pages establish the importance of the Ninja Festival and how it involves the burning of Ninjask shells to prevent the creation of Shedninjas. So that leaves the question, how was one missed? And how will this affect Fuyu in the future as he settles into his new life? It also makes me wonder what sort of prejudice do Shedninja potentially face in this world, either from the humans or other Pokémon. All in all I am very excited to see where this goes and I’d say it’s worth the read!

I actually initially found it on Smackjeeves but due to the site’s debacle from last year, I’ve been slowly catching up on it as it is reuploaded on ComicFury. This comic originally started in 2001 and is authored by Mysticblat, who also authors PMD: Team Awai, Eevee Sisters, Team Surprise, Sun RacersPokémon X Nuzlocke, The Story of Cats, and Mii and the World. Though it’s worth nothing only a few of these are still actively updating.

You can read Pokémon Haunt on ComicFury and Deviantart. You can also support the artist by following them on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart, or Patreon!

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