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Pokemon GO to TCG!

Pokemon GO TCG
You better be ready to GO into the TCG!

That is because Pokemon GO and the Pokemon TCG will have a special collaboration to celebrate their anniversary. This year not only marked the 25th anniversary for the Pokemon video games but also the TCG. Also, this year will mark the 5th anniversary for Pokemon GO.

As part of this collaboration, you can expect to see Professor Willow receive a card in the Pokemon TCG. There is no word on what everybody’s favorite Professor on the go will do as a card. Though we can expect to see the art and card effect this May. It is expected that the card will be release in the Summer. This will also includes how you can receive this card.

Niantic is saying that the release of the Professor Willow card will be part one. So we can hopefully expect to see more cards or products relating to Pokemon GO in the TCG.

Source: Pokemon GO

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