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Niantic Demos Pokémon GO HoloLens

The HoloLens being used.
Welcome to the future of Pokemon GO

At a recent event held by tech giant Microsoft, John Hanke revealed a demo of the HoloLens. John is the founder and CEO of Niantic. This device could change the way we game both at home and on the go. Augmented Reality games such as Pokemon GO and Wizards Unite, both developed by Niantic, could easily take advantage of the HoloLens. But so could other home consoles such as the PS5 and Nintendo Switch. First person shooter games become more immersive, and Pokémon Battles become more impressive if this device becomes a reality.

The video shows John wearing the device. He is joined by a friend who is in a different location and visible via the HoloLens. John goes on to bring out his partner Pokémon and feed it before meeting up with another friend for a Pokémon Battle.

Whether or not the HoloLens actually gets developed and marketed to the public is yet to be known. But the advancements in AR technology being created by Niantic among other companies is a truly great thing for gamers everywhere.

See you around, Genesect!

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