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Podcast Central: Friends Forever! To Bigger Things!

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Sometimes you can have your best friend at your side at all times. They are simply a call away and can see you in thirty minutes to hand out and enjoy a meal. Your friends are always there for you and can be depended on to help you out though all the good and bad times.

Though, sometimes friends have to leave. Things happen and your friend has something big that they have to accomplish. Suddenly your friend is miles away and you can’t see them as easily as before. Days and weeks could past before you hear from them again but you both know that your friendship will stay strong.

If there is one thing that Pokemon has taught us is that friends are forever. No matter the distance, the bonds that you share with your friends could never be broken by things like distance or occupation. Your friends could be there at your side battling hard. Other times your friends are separated by miles. Either way, it is these bonds that keep you together.

So lets celebrate friends coming together to do what they love! Talking about Pokemon! We have several great podcast run by friends from all over the world!

Don’t touch that Totodile! It is time for some podcasts!

The Underground: Good Friendships Last Forever– Sam and The Underground Crew says goodbye to one of their own as one of them move on to bigger and better things! Even better, it is something within Pokemon! So join Sam and Josh as they do one more podcast and really prove that friends do last forever. Congratulations to Josh and may you be successful in your future Pokemon endeavors!

PKMNCast: Zapdos to Love-Now for another podcast that involves friends coming together to talk about Pokemon! SBJ, Will, and Logan meet up to talk about some fresh Pokemon news such as the special Pokemon you can receive upon visiting your Pokemon Bank! Talking about overcoming distance and time to see some old friends! Then SBJ and others do what other best friends do when talking about Pokemon.

The Dex! Podcast: Get Up To The Top Of The World!– The Dex! Crew. A group of friends who simply just want to share their love of Pokemon. They go over the news from the Pokken Tournament stream from a few weeks ago. The Dex! Crew even go over their favorite pieces of news from the Pokken Tournament stream in their Top 5 segment. So get hype for all the news you will hear from such great friends accomplishing great things!

Pikapi Podcast: Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer!– Mako isn’t on a podcast with friends but she does talk about a show that has friends! Ash and Friends! Even though Ash, Brock and Misty don’t act like the best of friends, they are friends that stick together! And this time they catch up with an old friend as they help and old couple celebrate their 50th anniversary! So join Mako as she recounts how these friends are not the best but sure do try.

P.U.C.L Podcast: Intro to Competitive Battling– What are other ways to bring friends together? Battling it out to see who is the best! Thatch and the team get together to talk about the basics of Pokemon competitive battling. They do not get too deep into it but cover just the basics to help get anybody get started. So make sure to listen to this episode!

Striaton Radio: Kiss/Punch Your Valentine– Justin is joined by his friend Stephen as they talk about many different topics! From food, Amiibos and Pokken Tournament! They then go over Stephen’s run in the Battle of Hoenn competition. So expect to hear some great things from these friends!

Radio Whirlwind: Settle it in a Smash Anime– Illus and his friends are joined by a special guest. Xander Mobus, voice of the annoucer for Super Smash Bros for the 3DS and Wii! This is a more Nintendo focus episode but feel free to enjoy this episode!

Love these podcasts? Make sure to leave a rating and review! Want to see a podcast here? Suggest it in the comments!

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