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Pokemon Mythology in the Modern World – Celebi

Hello, and welcome to a new entry for “Pokemon Mythology in the Modern World”! These articles will cover the legendary Pokemon and apply their domains in the Pokemon world and how they would adapt to the modern world. Usually, these would tackle the legendaries with little myth or backstory, but the “major” legendaries can also be fleshed out. The articles will feature its Pokedex entries, and there will be a myth/backstory about the legendary, followed by the ideas and/or theories and will be followed up by certain question to guide other forms of theories/head-canons.

Kindly remember that these articles are like theories and are not full-canon or endorsed by official Pokemon staff.


This article will revolve around Celebi, the Time Travel Pokemon. Not only she can travel through different time periods, she is also the patron of forests.


This myth is about Celebi and the origin of the Petrified Forest.

In the olden times, there was a forest named “Eternity Forest”. It is said that Celebi lived here. There was also a myth saying that her life force is tied to the forest, and the forest stabilized her form whenever she goes to different time periods.

The said forest was teeming with life. The tress were a verdant shade of green. Pokemon lived here peacefully. Even the humans get to find food here, guaranteed.

Until industrialization occurred. Houses and buildings sprang up like mushrooms, until there were limited space left.  Someone suggested to cut down the tress on Eternity Forest, in which they did. They cut down the trees, killed the inhabitants, and flattened the lands. Meanwhile, Celebi was weakening from the death of her forest. She prayed to Arceus for help. Then, Arceus blasted a beam of light to Eternity Forest and the nearby town. The beam cause the trees to turn into stone, and the town near the forest disappeared, along with the people.


Apart from being a Pokemon capable of time travel, Celebi’s domain also covers the forest. She is the “flora” to another Legendary Pokemon’s (future article!) “fauna”. Her powers include summoning plant life at will. She can summon shrubs and flowers easily, but trees can be a challenge.

Back at the Hall of Origin, Celebi is Dialga’s secretary and assistant. She does all (if not most; depends on Dialga) paperworks, usually history textbooks. She usually does all tasks involving time issues, unless Dialga sees it too big for her.

On her free time, she is a book author. Mostly sappy love stories under different pseudonyms. One trick to know which book did she write is that the book is related to time and/or the title involves time. Stuff like eternity, lost in time, stuff like that.


Guide Questions:

1. Why did Arceus ever thought of turning Eternity Forest into a Petrified Forest?

2. Why does Celebi have time powers, if Dialga is there?

3. Why is Celebi considered the patron of the forests?

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