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Podcast Central: Podcasts of Pokemon Past, Present and Future

Podcast Central
This time around we have many podcasts that will put us on a trip though  time and memory lane.

Some of today’s featured podcasts take a look at some of our humble beginnings as Pokemon trainers and the Pokemon that joined us. Other podcasts take a look at the present by looking at what is going on right now in the Pokemon world. Then we have a podcast that will look into the future as they move forward.

So hop in our time machine and don’t touch that Totodile!

The Dex! Podcast: The Early Game– The guys at The Dex! talk about their favorite early game Pokemon from all generations. They not only talk about what they love about these Pokemon but also have a deep conversation on how these Pokemon can always have a place in your team and hearts as you progress though your game.

Pikapi Podcast: Meeting Our Therapist! Mako marches on though with the old episodes from Johto. She takes a look into Ash’s Chikorita and compares to the rest of Ash’s team. This episode goes from sane to insane in a matter of minutes as expected from an episode where Chikorita tries to become a Pokemon trainer.

PKMNCast: Pokémon Trading Card Community– Steve, Will and Travis gets together to talk about State Championships weekend. Steve recounts his experience of returning to the Pokemon TCG metagame and the people he met while taking part in States. He may monopolize part of the episode but it is a great listen about his experience.

Pokémon Battle Evolution: Episode 19– eSeamus and his new co-host get together to talk about the latest information concerning the upcoming Pokemon movie featuring Diancie. Once they create an interesting moveset for a Gen3 Starter, they go over the move Ally Switch. The two have an in-depth conversation concerning the use of Ally Switch and how it could be used in a competitive sense.

The Looker Bureau Podcast: We don’t want you to Cryogonal!– The Looker Bureau take a look at the cold case of Cryogonal. This investigation will prove to be quite a tough one to crack as they look though the file of this chilly Pokemon.

The Underground: Hasn’t Felt Like Two Years– Sam and The Underground crew celebrates two years of podcasting in their latest episode. They do spend some time looking back at the past year but also take a look at Year 3. There are several things they want to do and you can hear it in this episode.

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