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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Landorus


art by PLANETA

Prepare to make a wish! A new card is being featured and it is straight from Furious Fists! The Fighting Pokemon barrage continues as we take a look into a Pokemon introduce in Generation 5. It will shout and scream itself into battle to get things done. Prepare to see some power as we feature Landorus!

Landorus is a card released in Furious Fists. It has 120 HP and is a Fighting type basic Pokemon that is weak to Water type attacks. This card has two attacks. The first attack only cost a Fighting type energy and is called Shout of Power. This attack does 20 damage and it allows you to attach a basic energy card from the discard to any Pokemon on your bench. Landorus has another attack called Sky Lariat that cost two Fighting type energy and a colorless. It only does 90 damage to the defending Pokemon.

Everything about Landorus makes it the perfect staple in any kind of Fighting deck. It can provide some acceleration for Fighting decks and can attack fast. Doing 20 damage to an active Pokemon isn’t too bad. Especially when you have things like Fighting Stadium, Strong energy and Muscle Band to increase Landorus’s damage output. Landorus’s speed makes it a perfect fit for any Fighting deck and great support to help power up your bench Pokemon with little risk due to Landorus only giving up one prize card.

Though, the reason why Landorus is being feature is not because of the work it does in Fighting decks but what it can do in other decks. Landorus is also being consider a spot in decks such as VirizionGenesect. Why would a Fighting type Pokemon be in a deck filled with Grass attackers? The ability to retrieve energy from the discard pile. Virizion-Genesect decks are well known for getting energy on the board quickly and discarding them just as fast. These decks usually do it by the use of G-Booster which discards two energy in order to do 200 damage. Also, now that Skyarrow Bridge has been rotated then these cards need to discard an energy if they want to retreat to a different attacker. Those two things alone make energy go away quickly and the deck lose steam in the late game if they haven’t won the match by then.

This is where Landorus comes in. Landorus can come in midgame to help pull Grass energy from the Discard Pile and back on the bench to power up another Genesect EX. The best part about this is that Korrina can help search out Landorus and the powerful G Booster. That way Genesect can start attacking for knock out and then prepare Landorus to help refuel the deck.

Some of the weaknesses of this card include the low HP count. 120 HP may sounds like a lot but it is actually perfect to be knocked out by certain cards. If Genesect EX hits Landorus with the 20 damage from Megalo Cannon then it will be perfect to knock out later from another Megalo Cannon. It really needs that 130 HP to make it last longer in battle. Another weakness of the card is that Landorus only does 20 damage with a single energy. Shout of Power is just not strong enough and falls short at times. Luckily it has a great secondary effect which negates the negatives a little.

Landorus has the potential be to be used in many different decks as long as they can find the space for it. It may not hit hard but Landorus can be used to set something up to hit harder. Simply by yelling, it can attack and help boost another Pokemon to get them ready to fight. So keep an eye out for this Pokemon as it sneaks itself into any deck!

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