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Pokemon Pop-Up Bar Coming Soon!

Pokemon Burgers
Get ready to eat your favorite Pokemon! In burger form!

A Pokemon Pop-Up Bar is coming to Vancouver, Canada. This little cafe will be serving all kinds of treats with various Pokemon themes to them. From burgers that look like fan favorite Pokemon to various Pokemon theme drinks. There will also be various Poké-themed fun, games, and prizes.

The organizers for this event have claim that this is the first event of this kind. They will promise that there will be a DJ there all day to help keep the pop-up bar pumping with different beats.

If you are going to be in Vancouver, Canada and want to get into this pop-up bar then you are in luck. You can sign up to receive information to when you can start ordering tickets.

Are you interested in going to a Pokemon pop-up bar? Let is know in the comments.

Source: Daily Hive

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