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Crossroads Comics #61-Unicorns, the Apocalypse, and Mermaids

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at probably my favorite comic since I found it a few weeks ago, Hooves of Death. It’s your typical zombie apocalypse, if your usual zombie apocalypse had unicorns, mermaids, and so many more mythical creatures. All that stands between humanity and doom are Commander Sprinkles, Blaze, Sergeant Glitter, and the rest of their unicorn fighters. With a style that pops and makes the characters very expressive, it’s a great story to look at visually and to enjoy reading. The comic is by Sam Bragg, who also authors another very cute comic known as Wags. I cannot recommend them enough so be sure to check both of them out!

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life Flashback time!

Smackjeeves Comics
Emerald Double Nuzlocke Challenge Uh-oh, Gold’s in trouble!
Little More than Waitstaff Valid argument, I guess.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Saga He’s almost down and out!
PMD: Team Aquablaze It’s the beginning of the end.
PMD: White Rose Interesting concept. Will it help them?
PMDU – PokeAdventures in Andalusst My my, now who might this be?
Sunshine-A Sun Nuzlocke Well at least you got the Slowpoke?
Treon Gate You done messed up, son.

Deviantart Comics
AETHER He might need some time to rest.
Finding Your Roots Not the egg!
Golden Shrike He took action! But was it the right decision?
Golden Sun Oh no! That’s super effective!
Hinata Quite the intimidation factor on this guy.
Hope in Friends A Mew?
Nuzlocke on Ice Awww what a touching moment.
PMD: Stone Circle Wow, impressive mountain.

Off-site Comics
Adventures of God I don’t know what else he expected, to be candid.
Atychiphobia Wonder what significance this crystal holds.
Cape of Spirits So he got turned into a Regalia? But how?
Eleceed Yeah! They saved the kitty!
Hooves of Death Huh… so they only saved the attractive men.
Into the Ice We finally reached the next town!
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Every successful relationship should be built on weird selfies.
The Glass Scientists The weirdest theory for Hyde’s origins I think I’ve seen yet.

Ongoing Conversation