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The PxR Showdown Tournament! The Semi-Finals!

Pokemon Showdown!
Yesterday showed us the true meaning of “expect the unexpected”. XaiakuX had it in his mind that he was going to lose, but still managed to overcome his friend and co-host, Suicune’s Fire. Corey went against all odds, and beat Bulbasaur, though the fellow participants believed to be a stroke of luck. Arrow-Jolteon sent DesperadoBRT packing with a victory that left men everywhere disappointed. Finally in a blaze of glory, Ash K. overcame his anime namesake and actually defeated Saraibre Ryu!

Now it’s time for the Semi Finals! What will happen next?!

It’s time for:
PxR Showdown Tournament!


It’s time to see the winners of yesterday’s rounds face off  and decide our finalists! Who is it going to be?!

In the first match up, we have XaiakuX going against Corey! Will Corey prove that his victory over Bulbasaur was more than just dumb luck? Or will XaiakuX overcome once again?!

Let’s see who wins!

In the second bout, we have Arrow-Jolteon head to head with Ash K. Will Arrow-Jolteon be able to continue showing that women can compete just as well as the men? Or will Ash K. show that his anime namesake is nothing more than a joke to his own skills as a trainer?

I’m on the edge of my seat with this one!

That’s it for the Semi-Finals! Check in tomorrow to see our Finalists go head to head in a duel of the fates.

Remember that if you want to participate in a tournament, just join our thread! It’ll automatically put you on the roster, and enter your into our Showdown Tournaments! It’s also a great place to battle for fun, test new teams, and annihilate your competition!

Click here to play the game!

See you all, tomorrow!

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