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2014 Pokemon World Champions Crowned

The Pokemon World Championships took place this weekend in Washington DC. The best Pokemon trainers from all over the world came to compete for the top spot. Now the dust has cleared and winners have been crowned. Below are the trainers who won their respected divisions and the Decks and teams that brought them to victory.

Trading Card Game
Juniors: Haruto Kobayashi from Japan (Plasma: Thundurus EX-Deoxys EX-Kyurem)
Seniors: Trent Orndorff from the United States (Trevenant-Accelgor Lock)
Masters: Andrew Estrada from Canada (Virizion EX-Genesect EX)

Video Game
Juniors: Kota Yamamoto from Japan (Team)
Seniors: Nikolai Zielinski from the United States (Team)
Masters: Se Jun Park from Korea (Team)

Some great matches were played this year at World. Interesting decks and teams were seen by everybody with surprising shows.

Congratulation to our new World champions!

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