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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Tyrantrum Deck

It is time to feature another match with an exciting deck! This time will are featuring a game played by Pooka from The Top Cut! Pooka is using a deck with the fossil Pokemon Tyrantrum that literally takes a bite out of the match.

Tyrantrum is a Pokemon card with the might Chew Up attack. This attack does a base 60 damage and then a plus 90 damage if there is a special energy attached to the opponent’s active Pokemon. That is a possible total for 150 damage for an attack that cost one Fighting and a Double Colorless Energy.

This is a deck that really take advantage of a metagame that relies on Special energy such as Double Colorless Energy, Rainbow Energy, Plasma Energy and now Strong Energy. Even better, this 150 damage Chew Up attack can become even more powerful with cards such as Muscle Band, Fighting Stadium and Strong Energy.

So how much damage can Pooka dish out using this mightily dino? Watch below to find out!

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