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Terastal Phenomenon And More, Only In The Paldea Region

Terastallization in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon can sparkle brighter than ever thanks to the Terastal Phenomenon.

If you haven’t seen the latest Pokémon Presents, than you missed the third trailer spotlighting some new features in the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games for the Nintendo Switch. The newest video revealed the gimmick/battle mechanic. It is known as Terastallization, or more simply, the Terastal Phenomenon.

The Crown Jewels

Fuecoco with fire type tera jewel

This phenomenon is found only in the Paldea region and makes Pokémon shine and glimmer like gems. When a Pokémon Terastallizes, a Tera Jewel appears above the Pokémon’s head like a crown, and the Pokémon’s body glistens like a cut gemstone. It is said that All Pokémon found in this region possess the Terastal Phenomenon.

Terastallization allows players to enhance their battle strategies by increasing the power of any moves that have the same type as their Pokémon’s Tera Type. There are 18 types, meaning there are countless combinations of Pokémon and Tera Types. Each Pokémon can only have one Tera Type. For example, Fuecoco, pictured above with a Fire-Type Tera Jewel, can only have a Fire Tera Type….normally.

Tera Raid Battles

Gardevoir with a water tera type in a tera raid battle
Introducing Tera Raid Battles. These four player battles are similar to Raid battles in Pokémon Sword and Shield, with a few changes. Terastallized wild Pokémon will appear when you interact with a glowing gem stone found scattered around Paldea. The color of the gem will be and indication of the Tera Type hiding below.

You could even encounter Pokémon with different Tera Types than normal. There are 18 Types, this mean endless combinations for Pokémon and their Tera Types. This new battle system has a time limit and allows players to continue attacking seamlessly without having to wait for other Trainers to choose their actions. A nice quality of life improvement from the old Raid Battle system. Below is a gallery of images provided by TPC showcasing Terastallization as well as a sneak peak of an early purchase bonus Pikachu with a Flying Tera Type.

Poké Portal And The Union Circle

This Poké Portal allows players to connect with each other, to Trade and Battle from anywhere around the world. We have yet to see what the interface will look like for this new feature, but for now, the options seen very familiar from past games.

Link Trade lets players trade with a specific person. While Surprise Trade, players will be able to trade with a random Trainer somewhere in the world. With the Link Battle option, players will be able to have Pokémon battles with other Trainers.

The Union Circle will allow a player and up to three friends to adventure together in the same space. This looks really great in the trailer, where we see four Trainers riding atop Koraidon and Miraidon looking like a motorcycle gang. The sky is the limit with you and your friends. Go hunting for new Pokémon, help each other out with side quests, or race along the vast open world of Paldea.

One more piece of info we got treated to was the world map of Paldea. Have a look, zoom in and see if you can spot any areas of interest. Be sure to let us know what you find and any clues you can uncover.
Hi Quality Paldea World Map

See you around, Genesect!

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