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More Tips to Get You to Level 40 and Beyond in Pokemon GO

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Sometimes a best friend is more than just a best friend!

Welcome back readers, today I have more tips and pro strategies for leveling up to TL40 before the end of the year, and getting the most out of your game. If you haven’t read the first part of this three part series, you can check it out here.

The Gifts That Keep on Giving

Gift giving is not just for the holidays. Sending and receiving Gifts played a major factor in helping me reach the coveted Trainer Level 40 in 1123 days. On the surface, gifts are a great way to get more items, perks when trading or battling, and to see the wonderful places that your friends have been. Every time you reach a new friendship tier you will earn more of that sweet XP. Rising through the ranks is one the most tedious things you will ever do in Pokemon GO, but it is also the most rewarding.

There are three ways to increase your friendship levels: Trades, Battles/Raids, and sending/receiving Gifts. You can only increase friendship once per day, no matter how many times you interact with your friends. Interacting on the first day will get you 3000 XP, after 7 days you receive 10K, 30 days is 50K and 90 days will earn you a whopping 100K XP.

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While that may sound great, I’m about to sweeten the pot. Remember the Lucky Egg you used while catching Pokemon…it works here too.

Those 30 and 90 day rewards can get you 100K XP and 200K XP respectively. But how do you time it right to reach those milestones while having a Lucky Egg running? If it’s someone you know you can talk and time it together.

Some friends you get by entering a code you found online. Be very careful near the end of each level with these people. When you have 2 days left, send them a gift. The goal is to have that person open the gift and then send you a gift on the last day.

Current bonuses are in effect to double the days with each friend interaction (still limited to one per day.) This means you can reach the 90 day goal in just 45 days. But using a 30 minute Lucky Egg for just one person is foolish. Use this trick and accumulate as many friends as possible to this level as possible. Under current bonuses you can open 30 gifts per day, with a Lucky Egg at 200K each that’s 6 million XP in one shot, over 20% of the total XP needed to reach level 40. This doesn’t take into count the 3 million XP you will get for reaching Ultra Friends with the same group of 30 people.

Storage: The Real Money Grab

I want to take a quick break here to bring it back from the XP tips and talk about what to do with your in-game currency. This is something I wish someone had told me after spending countless PokeCoins on Lucky Eggs trying to get to higher levels.

Once you have accumulated some coins there are quite a few things you can spend them on. But what is the best use of your hard earned money. Some might say Lucky Eggs (fine at first but not for the long haul) or Incubators (please don’t even think about it) or even Remote Raid Passes (great for fun with friends and taking down the strongest of Legendary Pokemon.)

The reality of it though, those items come and go, and don’t help you as much as you would like to think. Storage however is always going to be there. It allows you to hold all the Pokemon that you’ve caught and just can’t let go of. Storage allows you to hold more balls so you can catch more shiny Pokemon on Community Day. Without increasing your storage, you may find yourself deciding if you should throw your last ball at the Weedle, or save it for a Dratini that may or may not show up. It should go without saying, but that should never happen. If you want to get to level 40 you will need as many items as possible.

This won’t come cheap however. Adding 50 slots to either your Pokemon Storage, or your Item Bag will cost you 200 PokeCoins. That’s four gyms on four separate days for the max amount of time (8 hours 20 minutes) each. This is a slow process but 100% worth it. If you ever feel the need to drop some real money into the game, this is the best use for sure.

That’s it for today, I hope these have helped and inspired you to push hard in the final months until the level cap is increased. Have fun trainers!

See you around, Genesect!

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