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VIDEO: 10+ Weird/Creepy Pokédex Entries: Pokémon Legends Arceus

Creepy Weird Dex Entries
Guess whose back. Back again.

The JWittz is back. Tell a friend.

You heard right! The JWittz is back on YouTube! And he is back with an old classic! Today he is looking at the PokeDex from Pokemon Legends: Arceus for weird and creepy PokeDex entries.

Let just say that he had a fun time hearing from the perspective of Professor Laventon. When you add Laventon’s thoughts into the PokeDex then things just go from zero to hundred in seconds. At least, The JWittz finds them entertaining. Granted, I have to agree.

Here. Go ahead and give this video a watch. It is just great to hear JWittz’s comments.

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