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Podcast Central: A Legendary Feast for All

Podcast Central
We hope you have an appetite!

Because there are many podcasts for you to feast on today. And just in time for school! Summer is coming to a close and we want to make sure you have a feast to end off a great summer. So where are plenty of podcasts for you to sink your teeth into!

I do not have much to say today. So how about we just go straight into the podcasts. After all, I can only make so many food puns. Now, don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!

Podcast Spotlight

Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: The Race To Becoming a Legend… A Hero.- It is the end of the arc and there is only one thing left for Ralph and Kyle to do with Keldeo. To become…A Legend. Though, it won’t be how you think. Sometimes a hero can become a legendary without you even realizing it.
PokeSciencePokeScience: Gotta Eat’em All – Science Peeps are hungry to talk about some food Pokemon! Which Pokemon can and will be eaten? How can Tropius be redeemed?
I Chews YouI Chews You: Gourgeist – New season. Same puns. The ICY Boix are back and cooking up some great Gourgeist. Even as you eat on the go!

Talk Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Paldea’s Treasure Hunt! – Thatch and the council are taking a look at the latest Pokemon Present! And see how exactly they were on the ball when it comes to Pokemon changing types.
PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: The Terastal Phenomenon & Tera Raid Battles- Steve and friends look at all the fun you can have with your friends as you explore the new Paldea Region!
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared:We Talk With Daniel Dockery, Pokemon Author- The Comicbook Crew are talking books and more with Daniel Dockery! What are the trainers of today doing now that they are adults.
After DarkraiAfter Darkrai: Tornanus: My Final Fantasy w/ Klayshen [EXPLICIT]– Bret is talking card games and GO! Luckily they are now together thanks to a new TCG set.
Pokemon Variety HourPokemon Variety Hour: Mainline Pokemon Games Tier List- Riely is making a tier list! Where does your favorite Pokemon video game falls on it?
PokeProblemsPokeProblems: Master Matt – WolfDoctor and MsSylver have a guest over to talk all about video games and music! Along with some great Pokemon news!
Gotta Snatch em allGotta Snatch ‘Em All: I choose you, Greg Leatherman!– Alex has Greg on from It’s Super Effective! Greg is on to talk about his long history with Pokemon. From growing up in the 80’s and his love for Pokemon have help mold his identity.

Specialty Podcasts

EXP ShareEXP. Share: [Pokémon Go, Pt. II] Live from Chicago and the Park by Tanner’s House (#128) [EXPLICIT]– Tanner and Josh are on the GO as they play Pokemon GO! From Chicago. At least one of them. Audio is a bit rough but worth the listen!
Pokemon RadioPokemon Radio: Veilstone City Gym, Team Galactic Warehouse, Route 214, Route 213, Pastoria City, Pastoria City Gym– Derik and Cici are having a hard time fighting the Fighting type Gym Leader! Still, they are fighting against rich people too!
PokeMakersPokeMakers: Field Abilities Part 2– Alex and JD are hitting the field with Field Abilities! Time to give abilities to the rest of the crystals.
Champs in the MakingChamps in the Making: Episode #62 – The Champs are pushing Pokemon up the bracket! This time they face the mascot of the franchise and some slow bros.

Pokemon of the Episode

Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Hisuian Qwilfish and Family– Luke is talking about Qwilfish again. This time for Hisui! Along with the new evolution.
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon: Cubone- This time the lesson is on Cubone! It is a poetry slam for a sad Pokemon.
Daycare DittosDaycare Dittos: Magikarp & Gyarados (Ft. Cody Freedom @2_oh_3) [EXPLICIT]-The Daycare Dittos are up to fishing for some Magikarp! Time for the king of karp to get it’s day!

Anime Podcasts

EveryPokemonEpisodeEverEvery Pokemon Episode Ever: Pokémon Twilight Wings: Episode 7 & 8 – Doug and Chris are looking at the last of the episodes from Twilight Wings. How does this epic trip to Galar will end?
Pokemon SnapshotPokemon Snapshot: The Pi-Kahuna- Jeff and Josh are yelling surfs up! As they watch a Pikachu and an old man surf up one more time.
Drying PanOut of the Drying Pan: stop flaming– Jacob, Alex and Austin are looking at a single episode this time. Though, this is the episode to see if you are a Charizard fan.
PokePresPoke Press: Deconstructing Pokemon Songs– Steven and Anne are listening to what is under the hood. They are taking apart songs to hear all the pieces that play in the background.

Battling Podcasts

PokeSportsPokeSports: Mythical Pokémon in VGC?!– Mike and Kevin are talking about which Mythical Pokemon will make it big in VGC now that they can fight in VGC.

TCG Podcasts

Meta PodFrank Percic’s Top World’s Decks– Sean and Jake have Frank on to talk about decks that could take the World Championship cup at Worlds 2022.
Tag TeamTag Team: Urshi? Mally? Caly? Oh my!- The Tag Team Duo take a look at some of the once-top-tier decks to see if they can find a spot at the top tier tables of Worlds.
PokeDadsPokeDads: The Future Of Colorless Pokemon – The PokeDads take a look at Pokemon that lack some color. Can they make it in a TCG future that have plenty of powerful cards?
ShadowlessShadowless Podcast: BOOster Packs Are Coming Soon! With Special Guest PokePop! – The Shadowless Gang are excited for Halloween! Especially with BOOster Packs coming!
FlowTKASTFlowTKast: “Is It Good for the Meta to Remain Unchanged?”– The Kast are wondering if the meta will remind unchanged. Though, will there be cards in the future that will change this?
TrashalancheTrashalanche: Worlds Strats + Dialga in-depth – Time to really dig into Dialga to see if it can dig into the competition.
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Alternative Play – Adam and Ken take a look at the alternative formats that the Pokemon TCG has. From Raid format to GLC!
Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast: Lady Dunsparce and the Mysterious Nest of Topics – The Triple P Guys have Lady Dunsparce on to talk about community building and playing alternative formats.
Uncommon EnergyUncommon Energy: This Will be the HARDEST Worlds EVER – Chip and Azul are taking a look at the structure for Worlds. Want to make Day 2? It may be pretty tough.
Lake of RageLake of Rage: Ever wanted to own a card store?– Kevin has the owner of Tabletop Village on to talk about what it is like to own a store. What does it take to get customers and having fun with players.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

GoCastGoCast: Who Let the Birds Out- Kyle and Chris are here for the bugs and the birds! Expect to see Birds from your incense and Bugs in the wild!
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast:“Joe Is My Arcanine”- Charles and Joe are all here for the Pokemon from Hisui. From Legends Arceus to the Hisuian event!
Battle scienceBattle Science: GO Fest Wrap Up!- Jesse and Steven are live from Seattle! Or were! After a weekend of GO Fest, they are ready to go talk about it.
IncensedIncensed: SEATTLE GO-Fest REVIEW w/ ZOËTWODOTS, AUGUST & Pineapple On Pizza? [EXPLICIT]– The Incensed Boys are having all the guests! ZoeTwoDots is on to talk about Seattle GO Fest and all she GO up to.
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: Sleepless In Seattle – Ken and Adam are on the GO in Seattle for GO Fest! From raiding to meeting up with friends.
Roundtable ChatotRound Table Chat(ot): See Ya-ttle Go Fest! – John and JT are back from GO Fest in Seattle! They are counting down all the  things they love from GO Fest from raids to all the Pokemon they captured.
The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: One For the Books! Seattle GoFest!– Chris and Luis are talking about GO Fest Seattle. Well, at least Luis is who was there and ready to GO to GO Fest.

Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts

Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Baneful Bunker #3- The Dittos are heading back to Kenny’s hometown. Though, there is a mixture of happiness and sadness as a festival is in town.
Roaring TrainersThe Roaring Trainers: Boy Adoption – Mynt is gone but the ladies of the Roaring Trainers may have found a new boy to take under their wing.
Critical HitmonleeCritical Hitmonlee: Aftermath Strikes Again- Team Aftermath is on the attack! How can our band of trainers stop them before there is nothing left of Ncuocum?
Dunsparce and DrampaDunsparce and Drampa: Volcanic Panic – The Quacko Packo are finding themselves in a hot situation. Can they make it out in time to keep themselves and others from burning up?
Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: BIG Trouble at the Silly Scoop– Pearl and Luca are deep in Silly Scoops. They may have found what they were looking for but there are some BIG things happening as a battle ensues.
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: Dust Devils and Bear Dens –The Reckless Rollers are finding themselves in a bearable and unbearable time.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Recapture, Interrupted! (or, Cats and Dogs Living Together – Mass Hysteria)- The Rollout Crew find themselves with cats and dogs and goo coming together.
Mystery Dungeons and DarkraisMystery Dungeons and Darkrais: CSI: Nassella City – A mother lost! Felix and Chuck are investigating the case of the missing mom as old foes pop up again with new friends.
Boarding PartyBoarding Party Pokemon DnD: Red Skies and Deep Dives– The Boarding Party are heading to the sea to see what they can see out there.
PokeMomsPokeMoms: Vengeance and Fashion, Pt E: Asking for the Manager Until Your Voice Goes Black– The PokeMoms find themselves in jail! Kind of…And now it is time for a prison break. How can they Karen their way out of this?

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