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Go Catch the Winds in Pokemon GO!

Rayquaza Winds
Time to hit the winds in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO has recently concluded their Weather Trio battle between Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza. Players in Pokemon GO were given a week to battle and defeat these three titans of weather in Raid Battles. The one that was defeated the most would result in seeing Pokemon that spawn more in a certain weather conditions to hatch more in eggs.

The battles have ended and the winds have favored Rayquaza as the winner!

This means that we will see Pokemon who spawn often during Windy conditions hatch more often from eggs. These Pokemon include Dragon, Psychic and Flying type Pokemon. You can also expect to see more Pokemon who prefer Windy conditions to be found in Raid Battles.

Lastly, you will be rewarded double experience within the game.

If you are in need of some Premium Raid Passes then there will be a special box within the in-game store. These special boxes also come with Lucky Eggs, Razz Berries, Max Potions, Pinap Berries, and Max Revives. All that you need to to go out to raid and catch Pokemon.

Need to hatch eggs? Super Incubators can be found in the shop!

All these items and benefits will only be around until March 16th! So go out and catch’em all!

Source: Pokemon GO

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