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VIDEO: Catching Pokemon in Gen 1 & 2

Great ball is best ball
The Great Ball is the best ball.

When it comes to catching Pokemon in Generation 1.

Now that we got the clickbait out of the way. Let us get to the videos we are spotlighting from Lyra Made a Website. Today we want to show you how catching worked in Generation 1. Also, how broken the Pokeballs were in Generation 2.

Catching in Gen 1 is really CONFUSING!

We have all heard stories of how bad Game Freak were at programing in the first generation of Pokemon. The stories are legendary when it comes to gaming and Pokemon. Well….It seems as if they messed up in the core feature of the game: Catching Pokemon.

Lyra Made a Website goes over how the PokeBall, Great Ball and Ultra Ball works based on idea and how they actually works. In reality, it turns out the Great Ball is the best choice when it comes to catching Pokemon. We will let you watch the video below to see why.

Catching in Gen 2 is hilariously BUSTED!

Now, by Generation 2. Game Freak had fixed the catching mechanic when it came to catching Pokemon. Though, they mess up the Pokeball mechanic instead.

At least, the catching part of the new specialized Apricorn Balls. Such as, not work the way that the game described.

For example, the Moon Ball says it works best at catching Pokemon that evolve using the Moon Stone. Instead…it works best on Pokemon who evolve from a…BURN HEAL!

How about I let you watch the video below for a good laugh at how badly these Pokeballs were programmed.

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