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Podcast Central: Full of Rage!

Podcast Central
Despise all the no rage, we are not rats in a cage.

Or Magikarp. Much less Gyarados.

But we know a Magikarp with a podcast! That is Mellow Magikarp aka Kevin as he has different hosts on! All to talk about the Pokemon TCG! From that latest happenings to the best decks! There is always room around the mic right by the Lake of Rage.

Was this Podcast Central late? Yeah. Kind of was busy lately and also I am trying to avoid a Podcast Central release around the time of NAIC. I am going to be busy next weeks so I wanted to keep that week clear of things. After all, I am going to head over to NAIC and need to fly off Wednesday night. That is usually the time when I write this column. Going to be hard to grab podcast links when I am in the air with no wifi.

Though, I hope you are all well and looking forward to some podcasts! So without any other words! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast listening time!

Podcast Spotlight

Lake of RageLake of Rage: Milwaukee meta discussion– Kevin has on Grant and Loc to talk about what you can expect in Milwakukee. Palkia wash away the competition but what other sleeper picks could sneak up at this Regional? Listen to find out!
The Purified PodcastThe Purified Podcast: Pokemon GOFest 2022!– Chris and Luis talk about coming together for GO Fest! And all the GO they went on to do in one huge weekend of fun!
Roaring TrainersThe Roaring Trainers: Pocket Episode – Mynt – An episode of flashbacks within flashbacks! As Mynt recalls a story his grandparents! Listen to the end to be spirited away into a new world.

Talk Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Top 5 Poison Types! – This episode is toxic! Thatch and the council talk about the best and worst Poison type Pokemon! And dunk on a few.
PKMNCastIt’s Super Effective: LECHONK & More Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Talk!- Steve and friends talk about the big Pokemon trailer that was release a few weeks ago! What is open world and a Lechonk of information here!
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: Lechonk vs Smoliv: A Battle of Memes- The Comicbook Crew are talk about memes! Who has the best memes out of the new Pokemon?
After DarkraiAfter Darkrai: A Lechonky Wormhole of Madness [EXPLICIT]– Bret and Gracie are talking about all the new news from Scarlet and Violet. Especially what types the new Pokemon could become.
Pokemon Variety HourPokemon Variety Hour: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Second Trailer- Riely is here and wanting to talk about the second Scarlet and Violet trailer. From open world to open friends.
PokeProblemsPokeProblems: GO Season and Scarlet and Violet- WolfDoctor and MsSylver talk about shakes as they GO and have fun during Pokemon GO Fest.
Champs in the MakingChamps in the Making: Episode #57 (ft. Never Believe It)- The Champs are here for another round of taking Pokemon out. Even if they can or can’t play chess.
Our Pokemon QuestOur Pokemon Quest: A much anticipated finale – Jed and Steve take a moment during this season finale to talk about the past and future for themselves and the podcast.

Specialty Podcasts

EXP ShareEXP. Share: Route 13, Kalos Power Plant, Lumiose City, Lumiose Gym [EXPLICIT]– Tanner and Josh have finally made it back to Lumiose City! Can they do it all in Lumiose City or did somebody miss something?
PokeMakersPokeMakers: Team Astro Admins– Alex and JD talk about Team Astro and their circus themed admins! Who is good? Who is bad? Who tells their story?
Pokemon RadioPokemon Radio: Season 3 finale/Abandoned Ship, Pacifidlog Town, Evergrande City, Victory Road, Pokemon League– Derik and Cici have travel all the wet oceans of Hoenn with the trainers they have followed? Can a team of unevolved Pokemon beat the Elite?
PokeSciencePokeScience: Intimidation Factor – Lucas isn’t here to scare you. Though, he is talking about Pokemon who are meant to scare and who should scare.
I Chews YouI Chews You: Archen – The ICY Boys are ready to go whole hog with Lechonk! But first they need to cook up some Archen before going to the hog.
Blast Burn RadioBlast Burn Radio: BBR Special News Bulletin – Happy Pride Month Bisexuals! – Jolly, Anne and Pat talk about the new Pokemon news. Though, they also accept one final gift from Papa Masuda.

Pokemon of the Episode

Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Groudon– Luke is here to talk about…Groudon! From the actual meaning of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire to the anime to just…Groudon.
Welcome to the World of PokemonWelcome to the World of Pokemon: Hypno – The class here learn an important lesson. Prejudice. Does Hypno get a bad rep? Listen to learn.
Daycare DittosDaycare Dittos: Jynx & Smoochum [EXPLICIT]-The Daycare Dittos are talking about a controversy Pokemon as they talk about Jynx. Don’t jynx them!

Anime Podcasts

EveryPokemonEpisodeEverEvery Pokemon Episode Ever: “Pokemon Origins” File 1: Red – Doug and Chris are looking at a character who may put Ash to shame as an embarrassing trainer as they watch Pokemon Origins.
Pokemon SnapshotPokemon Snapshot: It’s Mr. Mime Time- Jeff and Josh are watching how a Mr. Mime made itself into the hearts and home of a kind mom.
Drying PanOut of the Drying Pan: The Grapefruits of Wrath– Jacob, Alex and Austin are getting hungry as they look at food episodes of Pokemon and one hungry Snorlax!

Battling Podcasts

PokeSportsPokeSports: Teeny Tiny Powerhouses!– Mike and Kevin talk about some ways to release stress. Also, what could our new tiny Smoliv could do once evolved?

TCG Podcasts

Meta PodMeta Pod: Pokémon League is Back & So is the Q&A! – Sean and Jake are excited that League is back! Though, they are even more excited to celebrate 100 episodes! With questions and answers from fans!
Tag TeamTag Team: Astral Radiance Down Under- The Tag Team Duo are going to go down under and guess what decks will make a big splash! Will Palkia wash away the competition?
PokeDadsPokeDads: Let’s Get Regi With It (Regigigas Best Single-Prize Deck)- The PokeDads are regi to talk about the Regi deck! And how it is rocking the meta game!
ShadowlessShadowless Podcast: NEW Pokemon Revealed for Scarlet and Violet!!– The Shadowless Gang are going to talk about the new Pokemon and all the new cards to GO talk about in the GO set.
FlowTKASTFlowTKast: “Chrono Trigger VSTAR”– The Kast are at episode 99 as they look at the time and see that Dialga is going to try to clock into the meta.
TrashalancheTrashalanche: GLC, Arceus, Jolteon, Palkia, Heavy Ball, and Darkrai – Is Jolteon fast enough to stop Inteleon from setting up? This and more can be found here!
Special ConditionsSpecial Conditions: Don’t Be A Wimpod – Adam and Ken are no wimps! That is because they are look at some cool cards that evolve from Wimpod.
Uncommon EnergyUncommon Energy: Is Palkia VSTAR Going to DOMINATE The 1st Regionals??- Chip and Azul are going to talk if there is space for Palkia in Melbourne Regionals.
Pittsburgh Pokemon PodcastPittsburgh Pokemon Podcast: Regi-Master – The Triple P Guys talk to the master of Regi to see what makes Regi tick. Can it stand a chance against the big decks?

Pokemon GO Podcasts

GoCastGoCast: Pre-Fest Stretch- Kyle and Chris gather today on this pre-GO Fest episode to talk what to expect for GO Fest and in a season all about GO.
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “Go Fest – Not the Best”- Charles talks about how some Pokemon just went poof as another GO Fest went poof!
Battle scienceBattle Science: Touch… Rocks?- Jesse and Steven are ready to rock in a new season as plenty of new Pokemon rock in another Adventure Week filled with rocks.
IncensedIncensed: COUNT JINSULA, ADVENTURE WEEK, ACCENTS & 69 Dude! [EXPLICIT]– The Incensed Boys dare to dream as they hope for a fun GO Fest and an Ultra Adventure Week.
Lured UP Lured Up Podcast: What The Fossil? – Ken and Adam rest after a big GO Fest. One may have been at work but both made sure to play!
Roundtable ChatotRound Table Chat(ot): Welcome to the Axcrew! – John and JT talk about all the Axew that they may have caught and not caught as they look back at GO Fest.

Pokemon Tabletop Podcasts

Postcards from PearlPostcards from Pearl: MY HONOR!– PEARL IS ON A RAMPAGE!!! Big the Octillery is missing and she is going to find him no matter what! Even a spaghetti dinner!
Critical DittoCritical Ditto: BONUS: SEASON 4 Announcement!- The Critical Ditto cast are about to cast off into Season 4 of their hit podcast!
Critical HitmonleeCritical Hitmonlee: Ice Fishing at the Haunted Docks – The Gang go fishing as the region is under attack! Time for them to go to school as they try to school Team Aftermath.
Not a ScratchNot a Scratch: Dungeons and Dragons- Ralph and Kyle take on a dragon hoarding a trap of gold. How will they counter such as massive defensive monster?
Reckless RollersReckless Rollers: On the Road Again –The Reckless Rollers are gaining and catching Pokemon as they head over to their next destination.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Hailstorm Robbery! (or, Struggling Is a Struggle Tonight)- The Rollout Crew need to be careful as they hit a wall in their Landsmeet adventure. Though, they need to ensure they are not frozen in a heist.
Mystery Dungeons and DarkraisMystery Dungeons and Darkrais: A Council Of Fellowship – Felix and Chuck do the timewarp again! This time to their past selves as they head into battle!

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