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VIDEO: The Legacy of Garchomp in the Pokemon TCG

Garchomp cards tcg
Some Pokemon get all the good Pokemon cards.

And Garchomp is one of them. Well, at least most of Garchomp cards seem to be good.

So on the eve of a new Garchomp card coming out in Paradox Rift, I think it would be cool to look at a video that features Garchomp in the TCG. Today we have a video by Weaboolin going over all the Garchomp cards in the Pokemon TCG. They even talk about the meta impact that each card had in the TCG. Some of them are not that good while some made a splash in the TCG. Others found their home in the Expanded format in…interesting ways.

Watch the video below and see how Garchomp has fair in the Pokemon TCG.

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