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VIDEO: Pokémon Cafe & Center in Osaka, Japan!

Pokemon Cafe
Ever wanted to visit the Pokemon Cafe in Japan?

You and me both! Too bad travel is being limited at the moment due to certain global pandemics. Though, it seems as if Kelsea Dyer is currently in Japan and got to visit the Pokemon Cafe!

So why not live though Kelsea Dyer’s video and check out the Pokemon Cafe! See how you get to order there and check out some of their tasty snacks! Everything looks so cute that you could just eat it right up! Well, actually, you can! There is even an appearance from Pikachu! Did you know that the Pikachu mascot costume can move their ears!!!

If you want to visit the Pokemon Cafe then go ahead and watch this video! Kelsea Dyer also gives you a peek at a Pokemon Center! So go ahead and watch the video below!

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