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VIDEO: A Pokémon Paraspective 2: Pokémon Pinball

Pokemon PInball
Time to go back and look at Pokemon Pinball!

Never thought you would see anybody mention Pokemon Pinball in the year 2021. Though, here we all with a video involving Pokemon Pinball in the year 2021.

Today we have a video from Aarhead as he goes down into Pokemon’s history book. Some may call it a perspective but I believe Aarhead calls it a…Paraspective.

Aarhead goes over the history of Pokemon Pinball in his second Paraspective and what made the game what it is. From the attempt to mimic the two game system with the pinball boards to the gameplay. There is so much to see when it comes to a simple game that tried to fuse Pokemon with pinball.

In case you didn’t know, Pokemon Pinball was my first Pokemon game. I asked my parents for a GameBoy and a Pokemon game for my birthday back when I was a kid. What I got was a GameBoy and a Pokemon game but not the one that everybody started with. Instead of Pokemon Red or Blue, it was Pokemon Pinball.

So it makes me happy to see somebody talk about this game from the early days of Pokemon. Hopefully you will enjoy this view down Pokemon memory lane. Perhaps you too will be surprise to learn that Pokemon Pinball was the second game that North American Pokemon fans would get to play. Either way, enjoy the video below and go back to a time in Pokemon’s history.

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