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VIDEO: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire – Retro Game Review

Retro Review RS
Get ready to see Hoenn in a way you never heard before.

Today we have a video from Tama Hiroka reviewing her thoughts on the Ruby & Sapphire games. Though, she gives you an in-depth background of these games that you have never head of before.

The story of Hoenn along with Ruby & Sapphire is more then just two groups with different ideals. It is a story of needing more land in a world that is surrounded by water. A tale of two real life groups wanting to help people or preserve wildlife. Meanwhile, a once small company is trying to stay as a major player in the global market to show children around the world a lesson and a world that is beyond their reach.

This video from Tama Hikoka is pretty long but she gives you a look into Game Freak’s thinking when they created the three key characters of Ruby & Sapphire: Archie, Maxie and the land of Hoenn. How Game Freak took a current real life event and crafted a story around it. Overall to tell a story that they felt was worth sharing. Something that not many people would know about.

Please watch the video and see if you knew about Ruby & Sapphire’s hidden history that is vast as the oceans of Hoenn.

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