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Crossroads Comics #182 – Ask Sol Searchers

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Hey all!! Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule this week, I wasn’t able to finish a full length review, so rather than try to force something out, I’m going to promote my partner’s new blog instead! Ask Sol Searchers by Penpeaches (they/he) is an ask blog set in their own version of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon universe. It follows Elsera (they/she), a naive natured Absol living in a chilly environment. Not much is known about them yet, but as the main character of this blog, I’m sure they’ll be interesting.

This blog is still in its infancy, with only two updates out, so there isn’t a lot to go off of for a review, but as someone who knows a lot about what’s to come in the blog, I can promise it’ll be very interesting. Elsera is the first member of a fairly extensive cast with a fascinating tale to tell, and I hope you’ll join these wanderers on their journey towards the future.

Without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Ascension Nuzlocke I think Mae knows.
Ask a Staravia He’s so casual about it.
PMD: Wildfire Fighting time!!
Pokémon Rising Shadows Boom!!!!
Pokémon: Team Buckshot THAT’S the easy part??
Rejuvenation: The Interceptor Journey Oooh a poison gym!!
Shinka: The Last Eevee It’s everyone’s favorite bird!
The Shaymin Café Some munday AU fun!

ComicFury Comics
Across the Divide Audino is impressed!
Adventures in Naljo – A Pokémon Prism Nuzlocke Don’t question it.
Fuzzy’s Incompetent Nuzlocke Not the bird curse!!
Occasional Checkers It’s a fun skill to have!
PMD: A Fractured Time Battle time!
PMD: Gleaming Hearts An Alolan Ninetales?
PMD: Souls of the Sea Ooh what a nice view!
PMD: The Human Connection Like yeah!!
The Airship Experiment Cheese options are a must!
The Long Way Evolution time!!!
Yet Another PMD Comic I don’t like that face.

Deviantart Comics
Deadly Syns Dangit, I think we broke the Happy Meal toy!!
Milos from Home What cruel nightmares to bear
PMD: The Bonds Between Time Time for the grand tour!
PMD: Keepers of Light It’s a start if nothing else.
PMD: Rescue Rangers Well that’s not ominous in the slightest.
PMD: The Rogue Team Look out!
PMD: Turncoats Those markings look brighter than before.
Relic Radiation Rue deserved better.
TC-96 No one is prepared to handle the ghost child, it seems.
When Little Emma Ran Away Aww how wholesome!

Off-site Comics
Asking Anorith Oh no!!
Ask a Shiny Jolteon Holy candy!!
Ask the Isle dkfjsd uh oh!!
Ask Savel Some friendly flower exchanges!
Ask Sol Searchers Now who might this be!
Ask the Traveller What happens at the ball stays at the ball!
Flake-n-Rudy It’s time for the show to start!
Pokémon Mercenary Spies Oh snap!!
Moképon Just a casual battle.
The Glass Scientists A chance encounter!
TwoKinds Things are escalating quickly!!

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