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2018-2019 Format and Rotation

Get ready for a rotation in the Pokemon TCG!

Pokemon has announced how the format will look like for the 2018-2019 Season. This will include which sets will be rotated and legal in the Standard format for next season.

What is rotation? Rotation is Play! Pokemon way to encourage players to try out new strategies by making some sets leave the format. They do this by announcing which sets will be legal for tournament play in the upcoming season.

We now know for the 2018-2019 TCG season that the format will be Sun & Moon-on. That means that cards printed after Sun & Moon and Black Star Promos #SM01 and above will be legal in the 2018-2019 TCG format.

The Expanded format will see no changes.

The Standard format will see a major shift as cards from BREAKthrough to Evoultions will be leaving the format. Plenty of long time staples such as Professor Sycamore, N, Float Stone, and Parallel City will be removed from player’s deck. Meanwhile, long time favorites such as Strong Energy and Greninja BREAK will no longer be played.

The rotation and format will be in effect starting on September 1st, 2018. Tournaments that take place in the Standard format prior to September 1st will be playing with the current 2017-2018 BREAKthrough-on formation. This includes DreamHack Valencia event in Spain (July 13–14), North America Internationals (July 6-8) and World Championships (August 24–26).

Below are the full details about the format and rotation.

You can expect us to have a full detail list of major cards that have been rotated out prior to when rotation takes effect. Best of luck TCG players!

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