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Celebrate #1000EpisodesOfPokemon with Theme Songs!

Pokemon is Celebrating 1000 episodes with sick theme songs!

The Pokemon anime is airing their 1000th episode this Saturday! In honor of this momentous occasion, Pokemon has done a first for the series. They have are uploading every opening theme of the anime in high resolution! Classics such as the original theme song can be viewed on YouTube and legally!

Pokemon is doing this by uploading all the theme songs for each saga in one video. You can hear all of your favorite Gold and Silver theme songs just by watching one video! Currently they have up to the Ruby and Sapphire saga on YouTube. The theme songs for Diamond and Pearl saga will be up later today. You can look at the anime playlist to listen by clicking here.

You can watch the openings from the Indigo and Orange Island seasons below. An interesting fact, these two sagas have been dubbed as “Pokemon the Series: The Beginnings” to reflect Ash and Pikachu’s beginnings as partners.

Lastly, Pokemon wants everybody to use the hashtag #1000EpisodesOfPokemon on Twitter to tell everybody about the first time they saw the Pokemon anime.

Happy #1000EpisodesOfPokemon!

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