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Gear Up Your Game!

The latest in TCG accessories has come to the Pokémon Center

Four brand new collections of TCG accessories have come to the Pokémon Center. These collections are the Charizard collection, the Ditto Raichu collection, Pikachu Pixel collection, and the Berry Snorlax collection. Each collection features a set of 65 card sleeves for all your Pokémon card needs.

In addition, the Ditto Raichu and Charizard collections also deck boxes and trading card binders to hold all your cards. These collections also boast playmats for all your TCG battles. With these collections you can finally have a place to keep your cards from the Tapu Koko, Bewear, and Mega Tyranitar card sets also available at the Pokémon Center.

In addition, the Alola starter poképlushes are now back in stock! For Rowlet, the poképlush cushion and standard size poképlush are back. For Litten, the standard size and trainer size have returned. Finally, for Popplio, we’ve got another batch of standard size plushies.

For more information: TCG Accessories and Back in Stock

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