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Gengar Sea is Open for Exploration!

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Hoist away on your hot air balloon and let’s set sail! Jirachi Sea has been fully explored so it’s time to move on to Gengar Sea! This Slowking shaped island is populated by a variety of new and old pokémon faces for you to collect! There’s also new gears and more for you to obtain that’ll help boost your power when facing these new challenges. The explorations will be open until September 4 so be sure to tackle those Super Bosses while you can!

This island is filled with Psychic, Dark, Fighting, Normal & Ghost-type Pokémon of various and contains around 60 different Pokémon. The typing location breakdown is as follows: Psychic types are more prevalent in the lower torso, Dark types are found in the crown, Fighting types are found in the collar and arms, Normal types are found in the head and face, and Ghost types fill the sea surrounding the island. There is no legendary in this location so area anchors will only reach rank 5. The four new gears introduced this round are: Shadow Punch (Gengar), Shadow Punch (Haunter), Psychic (Alakazam), and Psychic (Kadabra). Players will see an abundance of ores in the prevalent types as well.

As with last time, remember that any pokémon toys obtained from previous islands cannot be used while exploring this island. You’ll start with a Slowpoke that knows Tackle and have to build from there. However, any Power and Summon gears that you obtained and powered up are still usable. How useful they will be depends on the pokémon, as some, like Litwick and Abra, can known Shock Wave or Grass Knot which would utilize gears from previous islands.

Happy trails explorers!

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