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Get ready to explore Celebi Sea!

The latest update for Pokémon Rumble Rush!

This event is focused on an island based around Celebi and contains various new Pokémon, new Gears and more. It runs for two weeks, until September 18th. At this time it appears that water types are in the surrounding oceans, fire types are near the center of the island, poison types are in the west, grass types are in the east, and ground types are in the south. There are four new gears to obtain: Magical Leaf (Celebi), Magical Leaf (Tropius), Sludge (Muk), and Sludge (Grimer). As always, the Pokémon you obtained from previous locations are no longer usable but the gears you obtained are.

This coincides with an update to Version 1.3.0 which adds a new paid stage you can do each day as well as updates the Plenty of Pokémon effect from the store to guarantee the capture of the Boss Pokémon in every stage. At the moment the update is only live on iOS and they’re awaiting it being pushed to the Google Play Store so the game is under maintenance for Android until then.

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