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Give Chocolates to Your Favorite Pokemon Characters! Results!

Give Chocolates to
So who did Pokemon fans wanted to give chocolates to?

Last month Pokemon Information Bureau asked Pokemon fans via Twitter who they would love to give Valentines Day Chocolate to. They picked male and female Pokemon characters from each Pokemon region and held the poll on Twitter via their PokeTimes account. They said that the results will be announced on White Day which is March 14th.

And guess what day it is in Japan! White Day! The holiday where those who received Valentines Day Chocolate return the favor and gives something to their admirers. Quite fitting as the perfect day for us to find out the winners of the Give Chocolates poll. Especially because brand new art of these characters giving White Day Chocolates to their fans.

And the winners are..Elesa and N from the Unova Region!

These Generation 5 characters received the most votes out of all the polls that were hosted. It seems like these characters have plenty of secret admirers. I do not blame them because these characters are pretty amazing.

Happy White Day!

Source: Famitsu

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