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Go Back to School in Style!

Check out all the stuff at the Pokémon Center!

It’s that time of year again! Schools are reconvening and it’s time to get your supplies. Luckily, the Pokémon Center has you covered. The new Pokémon Campus Collection contains all the things you’ll need to be prepped and ready for classes. The collection itself contains about forty items which are all a conglomeration of items from previous collections, but don’t worry, we’ll also be highlighting a few new items the Pokémon Center has released as well separate from the Pokémon Campus Collection.

The first thing you’ll need when heading back to school is a backpack. The Pokémon Campus Collection has four for your to choose from: Team Rocket, Bewildered Psyduck, Ludicolo Tropical Rhythm, and Eevee Pixel collection. They also offer many items to decorate your backpack with, like Ditto, Detective Pikachu, and Pokéball plush keychains. With how hot it is during this time of year, you’ll also need a water bottle. This collection contains the Mr. Mime Dance Time, Psyduck Bewildered, Eevee Rollcall, and Poké Doll Mythical Mania water bottles, as well as the Ludicolo Tropical Rhythm Thermal Mug. Next you’re going to need something to write in and store your homework. The Pokémon Center has several items to cover this need, including the Vulpix Duality 3-pack of mini-journals, the Pikachu Spiral Notebook, Hip Pop Parade Spiral Notebook, and the Catch That Pokémon! D-Ring Binder. If you already have supplies and just want to decorate them instead, the Eevee Pixel collection stickers are also available. For those of you whose school requires a lanyard, the Vulpix Duality and Eevee Pixel lanyards are part of this collection, with the Eevee Pixel lanyard also including a pack of pins.

For those of you in college, there’s even more for you to get. Start the year off strong with some stylish new clothes such as the Charizard Fury Fleece Hoodie, Psyduck Bewildered Fleece Hoodie, Marshadow midcalf socks, the Unown Artfiact Knit Beanie, and Hi-Hat Cafe Fleece Hoodie. There’s also the Charizard Fleece Throw, Cycling Road Metal sign, and all of the Eevee Pixel plushies for you to decorate your dorm room with. Also, if you skateboard to class, do it in style with the Mewtwo Legendary Code skateboard deck. Finally, be sure to take an Eevee Pixel or Psyduck Bewildered TCG mat for you so that you can challenge other Pokémon fans no matter where you are on campus.

The back to school rush isn’t the only thing that should capture your attention today though. Two new Poképlushes have arrived at the Pokémon Center: Meltan and Melmetal! The Meltan plush is 8.75 inches tall while Melmetal comes in at a whopping 17.25 inches tall. Both of these guys would make great additions to any trainer’s collection so be sure to grab them as well while you’re picking out supplies for your back to school shopping.

For more information: Pokémon Campus Collection

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