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GO Rocket Stopping in Pokemon GO!

GO ROcket
Prepare for trouble! And make it double!

To protect the world from devastation! And unite all people within our nation! To stop Team GO Rocket within Pokemon GO!

Niantic has confirm the arrival of Team GO Rocket within Pokemon GO! This special event is going to lead to plenty of things for trainers to do within Pokemon GO.

If you wish to encounter Team Rocket within Pokemon GO then you will need to find a PokeStop. That is because Team GO Rocket will be trying to steal items from PokeStops. In order to tell that a PokeStop has been hit by Team GO Rocket, you will notice that the stop is slightly gray and spinning. If you do see a PokeStop like this then you will need to spin it.

Once you have spin the PokeStop then it will prompt an attack from a Team GO Rocket Grunt. This grunt will challenge you to a battle with three Shadow Pokemon. You will pick three Pokemon within your box to battle with. Once you have defeated the GO Rocket Grunt then the grunt will run away and leave behind a Shadow Pokemon. You will be given the chance to capture the Shadow Pokemon similar to a Raid Pokemon boss.

Once you have capture the Shadow Pokemon, the Pokemon will have a black aura and red eyes. This Pokemon will also know Frustration as the Charged Move.

Below is a video detailing an encounter with Team GO Rocket Grunt.

If you wish to Purify a Shadow Pokemon then it will cost your Stardust and Candy. On the display for a Shadow Pokemon, you will see a button called “Purify”. This button will tell you how much it will cost to Purify the Pokemon. If you press this button then it will show you a Purifying animation.

Once Purified, the dark aura will change into a white aura. Also, the move Frustration will be replaced with Return. The Purified Pokemon will keep the move Return if evolved.

Below is a video where a Pokemon was Purified.

Best of luck in defeating Team GO Rocket!

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