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Hidden Fates! Products and Dates

Hidden Fates
Time to shiny hunt in the Pokemon TCG!

Hidden Fates has now been out for a week and players in the TCG are excited! This new mini-set will have plenty for collectiors and battlers to find! That is because Hidden Fates have plenty of shiny new things like Shiny GX cards!

Some of the Shiny Pokemon you may find in Hidden Fates includes Zoroark GX, Charizard GX and Rayquaza GX. You can also expect to find Shiny variants of the Pokemon that they evolve from. There will be also some amazing new full art variants of cards such as Cynthia and Guzma.

Hidden Fates also includes the first ever Tag Team GX Trio, Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX.

So, how do you get your hands on these amazing cards? Right now the Mewtwo and Mew Hidden Fates Pin Collection can be purchased in stores. This collection comes with a pin of either Mewtwo or Mew. Also, a promo card of one of the two Pokemon.

There are also other ways such as Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections. Below is the full list of known products that will contain Hidden Fates boosters.

  • Hidden Fates Pin Collection (available now)
  • Hidden Fates Tin (Sept. 6)
  • Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box (Sept. 20)
  • Hidden Fates Poke Ball Collection (Oct. 4)
  • Hidden Fates Ultra-Premium Collection (Nov. 15)

Happy shiny hunting!

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