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Life-Sized Pikachu, I Choose You!

Life Size Pikachu
Ever wanted to know how it feels to carry a Pikachu? Then don’t worry because you may soon find out!

Beams, a Japanese clothing store, will soon be selling a life sized Pikachu doll. This Pikachu doll will be 13.22 lbs and 1′ 04″ tall. This is the official weight and height of a Pikachu according the the Pokedex.

This Pikachu may look a bit chubbier then what you have seen recently. You could even say that it looks more like how it did back in Generation 1. Maybe so but this Pikachu is the correct weight and height and perfect to hug!

You can buy this Pikachu doll in November for 18,360 yen (US$168). It even comes with its own tote bag in case you do not wish to carry it on your shoulder like Ash from the anime.

Source: Kotaku

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