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New Pokemon Anime Miniseries

Twilight Wings
Get ready to explore the Galar region!

Many Pokemon trainers have travel far and wide into the Galar region. Now you get to do that again via a new anime miniseries!

This new anime miniseries is called Pokemon: Twilight Wings. There will be seven episodes making up the miniseries that last five minutes each. These episodes will be separated from the Pokemon the Series anime with animation done by Studio Colorido. You may have seen their work in the anime film Penguin Highway.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings will take a look at the gym challenge culture that has overtaken the Galar region. Each episode will take a look at the dreams, challenges, realities and challenges that the people of the Galar region must face. Meanwhile, Pokemon unique to the Galar region will be featured.

You can watch the first episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings on January 15, 2020 on Pokemon’s Official YouTube Channel.

Source: Pokemon

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