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New Snapshot is coming to Pokemon GO!

A new feature is coming to Pokemon GO!

GO Snapshot is a new AR experience coming to Pokémon GO! GO Snapshot allows players to take amazing AR pictures of Pokémon they caught previously, without having to encounter them in the wild. In other words, with GO Snapshot you can finally take a picture of any Pokémon in your bag, at any location, and at any time!

You can activate GO Snapshot by tapping on the new Pokéball icon on the Pokémon details page. In the new Snapshot mode you can:

  • Search for a flat area to place your Pokémon
  • Select a flat area and wait for your Pokémon to appear from a Pokéball
  • Take Photos of your Pokémon from any angle you wish, as Pokémon in GO Snapshot stay “glued” to the surface and orientation you placed them.
  • You can tap on your Pokémon and activate its animation sequence
  • You can return the Pokémon to its Pokéball and reposition it with ease
  • You can share Photos of your Pokémon via your device’s built-in sharing menu

The images taken with GO Snapshot have a distinct polaroid style frame which can be used to draw your signature or share a quick note about the Pokémon you just “snapped”. Unfortunately, similar to AR Plus, the GO Snapshot feature has the exact same technical requirements, so if your device doesn’t support AR Plus this feature will not be available to you.

While it isn’t exactly like Pokemon Refresh from the games, GO Snapshot will provide a new unique experience for players to be able to interact with their pokemon partners. While no release day has been officially announced yet, it is expected to be released soon.

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