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Podcast Central: Back to School Special

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School is back for many Pokemon fans and that means going back to the daily grind of homework and studying. This may mean going back to school and meeting new friends. For others this could mean starting their first year of high school as a freshmen. Maybe it means that you are about to enter your final year in high school. You could be a studious college student who is trying to scrape up that A to boast your GPA. Perhaps you are a teacher who is filled with dread, nerves and excitement for your new students. Either way, all of the mention people are trying to fit Pokemon into their school life in some form or way.

That is why podcasts are so helpful! So why not take a listen to some of them right now as you are busy trying to finish up your homework that is due in a few hours.

Don’t touch that Totodile!

The Underground Podcast: The Dragonite Has Been Doubled!– Class is now in session with Sam and Kent as they give a lesson in the proper use of Dragonite. This is a lesson that Sam has been waiting to do for seventy-nine episodes as he shares his favorite and most successful uses of Dragonite. Prepare to enter the dragon as these two podcasters go all out in the different types of Dragonite there are from the video game to the trading card game.

P.U.C.L. Podcast: Team Archetypes– Thatch and the council are ready to take you to school as they talk about the team archetypes found in the VGC. They talk about the different types of teams that you will find the VGC and the famous Double Battle format. Take a listen as they talk about the rise and fall of Cressilia, the use of Hail, and how Sunny Day just never gets to be use without Charizard Y. Also learn why Charizard X is just never used.

Pikapi Podcast: Fly, Pidgey, Fly!– It is time for Science class as Professor Mako talks about evolution of Pidgey. Either that or just fat Pidgey who don’t even bother to fly. There is even talk about how hypothermia can kill you if you go too high in the atmosphere. Mako isn’t only be educational but also inspirational as she recounts an episode of a Pidgey that literally wishes to fly to the moon. It is a great episode to listen as Mako also gets into the mind of Pikachu and compares him to Ash.

PTCG Radio: Worlds Preview 2015– It just won’t be school without a little gossip as Rossy talks about what to expect at Worlds. He talks about what decks may make it big at the competition and what could happen to Wailord EX. Gossip is always fun to listen to but even better to look back upon after awhile. Especially after how Worlds was this weekend and now you can see how much of what Rossy said was correct.

Podcast Monsters: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon– One of the best things about school was coming home and turning on the TV for afternoon cartoons! You can relive those days as you listen to the latest adventures of our favorite Podmon Trainers Andrew, Kacie and Gabe! This time they are joined by Maria Heinegg as they venture into an episode about prehistoric Pokemon. What kind of mischief would they get into this time and how much longer will it be until the podcast becomes Fruit Monsters where they talk about their favorite fruits on a table. Stay tune and find out!

PKMNCast: Red Vines Or Oddish– It is now time to hang out with the cool kids of the school as SBJ, Will and Micah talk about what happen at Worlds. This episode is so fresh that you can still feel the coolness of Worlds still on it. This episode talks about all kinds of things such as Pokken Tournament finally getting confirmed for a console release to how similar each team looked like in the finals for Worlds. So try to stay fresh as you listen to these hip cats.

Kanto Cast: Who Gets Lugia in the Divorce– It is now time to take a seat in law class as Pokemon podcasting cutest couple give you a lesson in divorce court. Blue and Yellow talk about some of the cards from Ancient Origins and their love for Lugia. It seems like they both love Lugia which helps strengthen their bond of love. Though there are a lot of things that comes with joint admiration for the beast of the sea. There is also discussion about the legal uses of Heatran in a competitions where Legendary Pokemon are allowed to compete in. Blue recalls how this metal monster did in the Circle of Legends competition in Try Not to be Terrible.

Gen 0 Podcast: We’re Not Done Yet– Everybody who goes to school looks forward to one thing: The weekend. Why? Because it is the perfect time to watch some movies! Our favorite movie duo Sean and Doug review “Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction”. This is the last movie they will review but there is still more! Just like in the movies, there are plenty of sequels they can do. For now, it is time to ignore that homework and listen to this episode as Doug and Sean watch the most important lesson that can be taught: Friendship.

Radio Whirlwind: Worlds, Tekken, Poutine and Manga Illus is going to now present you the best of Worlds and Pokken Tournament. Makes sure you pay attention and give him your undivided attention. There may not be a test on this and it won’t count towards your final grade. Though if you sit though the whole presentation then maybe you will learn something. So sit back and make sure you take in everything that is being said.

The Dex! Podcast: #PlayPokemon– The best part about going back to school is finding that sweet moment to play some Pokemon. The Dex! Podcast is here to provide you that moment. This week it is all about talks for Worlds as they talk about what they want from Worlds such as the Pokemon they want to see battle to news from the event. What is the chance that we will hear about a new Pokemon game? What do they think will be announced? Take a listen to find out!

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