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Podcast Central: Clear as Crystal!

Podcast Central
It is clear as crystal that we should be listening to these podcasts!

Life has been busy . You won’t believe how my weekends have been taken over by Pokemon during the month of January. It is either one thing or another as all weekends I had were packed with Pokemon. I either had to do one tournament or another. It all ended last weekend as with a trip to Dallas Regionals! Now that was an event!

Thanks to those events, I was able to get a lot of podcast listening done. Who knew that you can listen to so many podcasts when you are on a road trip?

It is all about Pokemon Crystal today in the Spotlight! So lets just go right into it. Don’t touch that Totodile!

Podcast Spotlight

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Pokemon Crystal!– Thatch is back and this time the council is looking back to Pokemon Crystal! They are excited about the return of the original director cut Pokemon game. Does that sound weird? Just listen to find out why. Get ready to hear how current Pokemon games can learn from Pokemon Crystal and why six Kingler on a team is so good!
PKMNCastPKMNcast: Pokémon Crystal & E-mails– SBJ takes a break from his streaming to talk about Pokemon Crystal and his epic quest in Shiny hunting. They also take a look at their emails to defend their thoughts from a past episode. Did they really like USUM? Listen to find out!

General Pokemon Podcasts

Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour: Ilex Forest– It is back on the road for our tour guides! This time it is into a big and scary forest! Ilex has plenty to keep a young traveler busy. Today your tour guide covers the huge forest and how it has changed from the early 2000s to now.
Silph RadioSilph Radio: Officer Jenny (With Briana Joy)– It takes a Joy to talk about a Jenny. That is why Nathan brings a Joy on the show to talk about Officer Jenny. They cover all aspects of the character from her appearances in the anime to her humble beginnings. There is even some pretty bad stories involve towards the end. So listen to learn about one of the oldest characters in Pokemon.
Kanto Cast PodcastKanto Cast: Dallas Regional Recap with Mr. Talent– Blue brings some big Talent to talk about Dallas Regionals. All of this was done live on stream! As they watch the teams from the Regional on stream! How will this Regional shape up the future of the VGC meta in 2018?
The Dex PodcastThe Dex! Podcast: Our Thoughts on Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu– Alex and Kellz talk about their thoughts on the casting of an interesting choice for the Detective Pikachu movie. Was there better choices? Take a listen!

Pokemon Anime Podcasts

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: Teardrops On May’s Guitar!!– It is almost time for a contest! Especially as May is finally confronting some of her rivals in the form of Drew. How does the anime handle the introduction of a new rival after so many years with Gary? Did Drew leave a bad impression on guys and the series? Listen to hear Anne’s thoughts on these questions and more!
PokePresPoke Press: Underrated Pokemon Music/I Like Shorts?– Anne and Steven take a different turn as they talk about underrated Pokemon music! They cover all kinds of music that has been featured in the Pokemon anime. Which ones made the cut? Have your heard of some of these songs?
Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: Showdown At Dark City– Ken and Adam take a look in Ash’s journey as he stands up for what he believes in. How do our hosts take this moment? Is this a change that was wanted? Listen to find out.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: New Pokemon & the Best Star Piece Tips– A whole bunch of new Pokemon have now been introduced to Pokemon GO Trainers. You can expect this band of GO players are excited to talk about them! Which one of the new Pokemon has the attention of the podcast? How can you use your Stardust wisely? Learn all of this by listening!
Pokemon GO FMPokemon GO FM: 23 New Mons and A Shiny Chic Chic!– Bagelnoob and Nyancourt are ready to talk about new Pokemon in Pokemon GO! This time their eyes are on the shiny new Shiny Pokemon in the game!

TCG Podcasts

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Pre-Dallas Fun– Ross is excited for Dallas Regionals! In this episode he goes over everything he wants to do in Dallas and what can be expected from one of the biggest Regionals this season.
Dead Draw GamingDead Draw Gaming: Dallas is Here! Regional Rundown– The DDG Guys are looking to the past and future in this episode. They look back at their first Regional experience. Meanwhile, it is a look ahead at what was Dallas Regionals.
Super Rod-CastSuper Rod-Cast: Expanded; Contenders & Pretenders– Kirk plays a game of Contender or Pretender with the biggest names in the Pokemon TCG. Which decks has what it takes to contend at Dallas Regionals? Listen to find out.

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