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Podcast Central: Tag Up with a Sword & Shield!

Podcast Central
Sword and Shield is here!

Which means that most of us are stuck in the Wild Area and unable to progress in the game for various of reasons. Maybe you are busy catch Pokemon. Perhaps you are doing your tenth Max Raid Battle in search for a Ditto. Maybe you are just enjoying how big the area is. No matter what. Most likely you are having a fun time with Pokemon Sword & Shield.

But that also means you can be listening to podcasts as you venture out into the vast Wild Area! And we got a brand new one for you today!

Presenting the Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast! Tag Team is a TCG Podcast that wants to bring you the most up-to-date information with the Pokemon TCG! From decks, strategies to tournaments! Riley and JW will bring you the champion perspective that you need to tag up with your Pokemon and get that much wanted victory!

With that said! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to listen to some podcasts!

Podcast Spotlight

PokeMomsTag Team: Chaos at the Latin America Championships– Riley and JW give you their thoughts on the decks that will make it big in this Post Cosmic Eclipse format at the LAIC! Which cards and decks will come out on top? Were their predictions correct? Listen to find out!
PKMNCastPKMNcast: Good Grief Galar 01 | First Impressions– SBJ, Irene and Micah are back together to start their Sword & Shield playthrough! They will cover all the beginning things in the new games with their hot thoughts!
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Part 1/3 Pokemon Sword and Shield Review Early Game!– Fluffiest in the lead as Basket and Zcron joins her! Together they will give you all that you need and want to know about Sword & Shield early game! And more!

General Pokemon Podcasts

Blast Burn RadioBlast Burn Radio: The Cat Came Back!– Get ready because our Nuzlocking Trainers got some stories for you! From rocking the Poison Gym to a cat that just won’t stop coming back! They got it all for you!
Luke Loves PokemonLuke Loves Pokemon: Snorlax and Family– Bears. Luke loves bears. And he will tell you how Snorlax is a bear and why bears are amazing. And why Snorlax is amazing at being a sleeping bear.
PKMNCastThe Science of Pokemon: Pre-gaming For Galar – The Science Guys are getting ready to hit Galar! But before they leave for the big Wild Area, they share their hopes for animals that could be made into Pokemon. From myths to fishes! They try to give you their wants for Galar!
MY FAVORITE POKEMONMy Favorite Pokemon: Lava and Beedrill– Janine and Locke along with Lava try to explain why Beedrill is a baby. Even though it can stab you thought the stomach with the greatest of ease.
I Chews YouI Chews You: Phanpy– Elephants are cute. Phanpy are cute. How can you eat something so cute? Well…Some chefs on this podcast tried to cook one up.
Wild PodcastA Wild Podcast has Appeared: It’s the Pokemon Sword and Shield Review Episode!– Jim, Megan, and Christian have the spoiler free review that you want! Give it a listen and find out if you are ready to take up the sword and shield.
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour United: Sync Pairs And Big Pants– Taking a break from the road to talk about Pokemon Masters. Especially all the possible trainers that you can make base on yourself and sync pairs!

Anime Podcasts

Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: A Friend In Deed – Ken and Adam talk a little about Sword & Shield. They then watch as Ash makes a friend who is basically just him.
Victory RoadVictory Road: “The Legend of Dratini”– Doug and Kyle watch a banned episode! Why was it ban? Do guns really play a big role in this episode? Listen to find out!
PokePresPoke Press: The Music of “Hoopa and the Clash of Ages”– The movie may be a bit all over the place but the music was solid. Listen Steven and Anne thoughts on the music from the last of the location based movies!

Battling Podcasts

Pokemon Champions PodcastPokemon Champions Podcast: LAIC Results (VGC & TCG Top 8)– Dozer and Zak tackle the LAIC results! Plenty of big battles in the TCG! Meanwhile, we see the final swansong for Gen 7 VGC before our very eyes!
The Roaring TrainersSoundproof Podcast: Hot Off the Presses (ft. Jason Krell)– Brandon and Jake have a discussion with Jason on how it is to write about Pokemon but also know the importance of the topic at hand.

Pokemon GO Podcasts

GoCastGOCast: Cobalion Battalion- The Cobalion are coming! The Cobalion are coming! Learn up on how to tackle these Pokemon when they hit your raiding scene!
Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Giovanni & And Ferocious Cup Tips- SALT and Nar are not the only brothers on today. They have the Weezing from Galar on. They also give you their thoughts on Team GO Rocket’s sorry attempts to look tough.
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “Now with 100% more knowledge”– Joe is in the house and he is dropping the knowledge! Especially when it comes to the new Wayfarer feature!
Lured UPLured Up Podcast: Disney Magic – From Disney to Pokemon! Learn how one Pokemon GO players shot up to provide the looks for many of your favorite Pokemon GO YouTubers!
Pokemon GO FMPokemon GO FM: Fueled Rockets– Talking about how the Rockets took over Pokemon GO! Watch out because these admins are ready to battle!

Table Top Podcasts

Critical DittoCritical Ditto: Frenzy Plant #8– An episode filled with reflections as our heroes make their way forward to bigger and better things. Hopefully. And lots of clothes!
Pokemon MilleniumAdventures in the Millennium: 2019 Halloween Special!– It is Halloween time with babies! Our favorite Sinnoh Role Players but pintsize at the age of ten! What crazy things will these kids do on Halloween? Plenty to listen for.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!:Power to the People! (Or, Night of Useless Criticals)Revolution! Fires and more are happening and our role players are just getting all kinds of useless crits that won’t matter in battle.
Critical DittoPostcards from Pearl: The Haunted Manor, pt. II – Ghost, Busted– Pearl teams up with some spooky friends to take down the true evil that hides within the manor! What awaits our favorite girl as she unravels the mystery? Listen to find out!

Do you feel as if you have fall in love with these podcasts? Then hit up Apple Podcasts and leaf them a review!

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