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PokeCasters to Host Summer 2020 Charity Series!

PokeCasters Network Charity
Ready to give to a good cause and have some fun? Again!

Then you are in luck! The PokeCaster Network is hosting their second charity event! Presenting the Summer 2020 Charity Series! This time bigger then ever!

This year’s charity event is promising to bring plenty of fun for those watching but many reasons to donate. That is because all donations are going to the Children’s Miracle Network through the use of Extra Life. What makes things even better that if you donate then you will also have the chance to win many fabulous prizes! It will just making donating even better as you help a cause! If you want to donate now then click here!

Below is the different events that will make up the Summer 2020 Charity Series.

May 23rd: Day of Streaming and Tabletop!

The Summer 2020 Charity Series starts this weekend on Saturday, May 23rd with a Day of Streaming and Tabletop One Shot! The fun will start at 9am EST with the Day of Streaming. You can watch the stream on the PokeCasters Network Twitch Channel. You can see some of your favorite Pokemon Podcasters and personalities such as NerdySteve007, Science of Pokemon, PokePress and many more!

The day will end with a Tabletop One Shot at 8pm EST featuring Pokemon Tabletop Podcasters such as Trainer2Trainer, Pokemon Mind & Body, and Critical Hitmonlee. These guys will be taking part in a one shot tabletop campaign to regions unknown! What will happen to these one time role players? Only the dungeon master and dice know!

Trivia Night

If you want more chances to donate with plenty of great entertainment then tune back in on May 30th for Trivia Night! Professor Collins from the Science of Pokemon will act as host. Meanwhile, Bagelnoob from Pokemon GO FM will be taking announcing duties for the trivia game show. This trivia show will have players from all the Pokemon Podcasting community such as Victory Road, Pokemon World Tour, EXP Share, Pokemon Champions Podcast, Hyper Voice, I Chews You, After Darkrai and more! Also taking part in the fun an games will be your own Editor-in-Chief from Pokemon Crossroads, Mikey!

This game show will feature contestant answering questions involving various Pokemon related topics using pictures and sounds! Overall, it is going to be a great night of fun!

Future Events

The Summer 2020 Charity Series will continue into June with a VGC Tournament and Pictionary Night! Stay tune for details when these events will take place!

Time are rough with the current situation around the world. So why not have some fun and help others? Make sure to check out the Summer 2020 Charity Series this weekend!

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