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Pokémon Duel Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!

Pokemon Duel is turning two!

In celebration of Pokemon Duel’s two year anniversary, players can start reaping in special rewards. All of this in preparation for a special Z-Powered Update. There is no information on this update except it will involve Necrozma.

Starting on January 24th, players can log in to claim one [UX] Rare Metal and one [UX] Ingot. Everyday afterwards, players can receive 20 Carmonite, one [EX] Rare Metal, and one [EX] Ingot per day. This giveaway will continued on until January 30th.

Pokémon Duel is available now in the App Store and Amazon Appstore, and on Google Play. For more information about Pokémon Duel, please visit:

Happy dueling!

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