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Pokemon: The First Movie Ending Themes Discussion

Pokemon First Movie
The first Pokemon movie was recently given a special showing in theaters. Though did you know the ending themes have some history Christina Aguilera?

Anne from Pikapi Podcast and Steven from Pokepress recently sat together for a special episode of Pikapi Podcast to discuss the Japanese ending theme, “Together With The Wind” and the English theme “We’re A Miracle” by Christina Aguilera.

Anne and Steven discuss the history of the two songs and how they match the theme of the first movie. Both are special in their unique ways as “Together With The Wind” was the start of some long relationships with Pokemon. Meanwhile, “We’re A Miracle” may not have originally been planned to be used for the movie.

If you are a fan of the first movie then you need to give this discussion a listen. You can start the video below to learn more about the history behind the ending themes used in the first movie.

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