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Pokemon GO Community Day February Details

Dratini GO
Get ready to go out and get some Dratini!

The full detains for this Saturday’s Pokemon GO Community Day has been revealed. It was already announced that there will be an increase of Dratini during the time period. Now it has been revealed that any Dragonair that evolve into Dragonite will learn the move Draco Meteor.

Player will have three hours this Saturday to catch as many Dratini they need to evolve them into Dragonite. Those in the US Central Timezone will have from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM to catch Dratini. You can also expect to see 3x bonus on Stardust from catches.

You can click here to find the time for your Pokemon GO Community Day.

Happy catching on February 24th for your Pokemon GO Community Day!

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