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Pokemon GO Community Day for May Official Announcement

Things are going to get heated this May!

The next Pokemon GO Community Day has been officially announced to be on May 19th. This time trainers can look forward to catch plenty of Charmander in Pokemon GO.

The event will run from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Central Daylight Time. You can click here to find out your time zone. During the three hour time span, trainers can expect to see triple Stardust for all captures. There will be also plenty of Charmander for trainers to capture. This will give trainers the chance to finally get that much desired Charizard. There has not been an announcement on what will be the exclusive move during the event. Though, if I have to guess then it will be Blast Burn. As mention, Blast Burn is an exclusive move that only Charmander and other Fire type Starters can learn.

Please note that May’s Community Day Event will be on a Saturday. So make sure to show up and catch on!

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