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Pokemon Voice Actress Win Award!

Sarah N
Ash is winning more then just League conferences!

At least, his English dub voice actress is winning! That is because Sarah Natochenny has won the Outstanding Animation Or Gaming – Demo, Best Voiceover from the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences.

SOVAS held their award ceremony on November 17th where they award Outstanding Animation or Gaming Voice Over to Sarah Natochenny. She has been the voice for Ash Ketchem in the English dub for Pokemon since 2006. Sarah has also done several other roles within Pokemon such as Dawn’s Mother, Skyla, and several Pokemon. Her other roles outside of Pokemon include Vera in Camp Camp, Silke in World of Winx, Aura Sentia in Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V and Sif for the Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game.

Overall, congratulations to Sarah Natochenny for winning this award! She has been the voice for Ash for over ten years. Her voice is the voice that many Pokemon fans know when it comes to the Pokemon anime. Especially children who have grown up watching the adventures of Ash and Pikachu. She is surely excited for this as Sarah has wrapped up another season of the Pokemon anime dub and prepping for another season as the new anime will be starting after the Sun & Moon anime saga ends.

Thank you for your hard work and congratulations Sarah Natochenny!

Source: The World of Kevin C! Twitter

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