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New Sun & Moon Anime Episodes coming to Disney XD!

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Get ready to head to Alola in the anime!

It has been a long wait but anime fans can finally watch dubbed episodes of the Sun & Moon anime on Disney XD! The new season of the Pokemon anime will have Ash & Pikachu hitting up the Alola region. They will face new challenges like mastering the use of Z-Moves while facing old foes such as the Rocket Trio.

Disney XD will start off the Sun & Moon anime on Friday, May May 12th at 9pm (US Eastern). The festivities will continue on Saturday, May 13th at 9am with the airing of the third episode of the Sun & Moon anime, Loading the Dex! This will be Pokemon Sun & Moon normal time slot to debut new episodes. So make sure to tune in every Saturday at 9am or set your DVR for new episodes starting on May 13th!

If you want even more great Pokemon anime on May 13th then make sure to catch the airing of Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel! at 5pm.

Watch the trailer below to get hyped about the new season of the Pokemon anime!

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