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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Lapras GX vs Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX

Get ready to see Lapras go fast!

What is old is new again! Lapras GX is taking the stage with Andrew Mahone driving the deck! He has taken the top 32 deck from Madison Regionals and giving it a ride!

This Lapras GX deck does what Buzzwole GX does which is speedy acceleration thanks to Aqua Patch and Max Elixir. You could use Collect to get more cards but why not take knockouts with Blizzard Burn? That is possible on your second turn with the right cards in your hand.

This deck also uses Volcanion Prism Star as an option to discard Water Energy. That will make it easier to use Aqua Patch to power up Benched Pokemon. This ability also forces your opponent to put an unwanted Pokemon in the active to knockout with Lapras GX.

Is Lapras GX good? Watch the battles below that Andrew Mahone had to judge for yourself.

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