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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Nagandel Metals vs Greninja Zoroark

The forbidden light will bring many new Pokemon into the light!

This week in Featured Match, we want to feature a match from AuraBomb where he is featuring two interesting new decks! These decks features Pokemon from the upcoming Forbidden Light set. Get ready to see Nagandel GX and Metal go against a shadowy Greninja GX and Zoroark GX.

AuraBomb is using an interesting Nagandel Deck that plays many Metal attackers. Some of these attackers include Solgaleo Prism Star and Dusk Mane Necrozma GX. You can use Solgaleo PS to help set up many powerful attackers such as Nagandel GX and DM Necrozma GX. Most players know that DM Necrozma GX can take out many powerful foes with a single Meteor Tempest attack. Though Nagandel GX can hit hard and fast with Beast Raid. This attack gets more powerful for each Ultra Beast on your bench. There will be plenty when you play cards like DM Necrozma GX and Kartana GX. This deck plays the new Ultra Space Stadium where you can get Ultra Beast Pokemon whenever you like. It literally gives you a searchable Enhanced Hammer by looking for Kartana GX.

Meanwhile, AuraBomb’s opponent is playing Greninja GX and Zoroark GX. This deck uses Greninja GX’s shuriken Flurry ability to put damage on the board. You can then use Zoroark GX to do heavy damage and take knockouts. Together these two Pokemon can help you take knockouts and make the damage numbers perfect for knockouts. You will also have access to Trade to keep drawing cards.

Who will win in this match up? Will it be the heavy Metal Nagandel or the ninjas of darkness Greninja GX and Zoroark GX? Watch the video below to find out!

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