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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Solgaleo-Lunala-Mewtwo Deck

Solgaleon Lunala Mewtwo
Get ready to see a deck that features a mental powerhouse, otherworldly powers and a blob coming together!

Today we have a match by Joe from Omnipoke where he is using a deck featuring Solgaleo, Lunala and Mewtwo EX. This deck uses a metal Pokemon that can set up the field and a psychic powerhouse that can rack up the damage. There is a tricky bat that can move energy however you want and a blue blob that can cause trouble for your opponent in more ways then one.

This deck wants to set up a Solgaleo GX as soon as possible with a few Mewtwo EX on the bench. That way you can use Sol Burst GX to get energy on your board as soon as possible. Mewtwo EX can hit your opponent quickly thanks to all the Psychic Energy that you can pile on to it thanks to Sol Burst GX. You can put Lunala GX into play in order to move Psychic Energy to possible attackers or save it from being discarded when a Pokemon is knocked out. Lastly, Wobbuffet is there to cause your opponent problems by shutting down abilities and taking knockouts thanks to all the damage that is on the board. This deck works together to take wins and make your opponent feel frustrated.

Check out the battles by Joe as he pilots this Solgaleo-Lunala-Mewtwo Deck into battle!

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